Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do You Have Acne Prone Skin?

At Skindulgence proudly carry GM Collin's PurAcne Oxygen, an innovative oxygenating treatment designed to help your skin heal, revealing healthy, clear skin, with substantially less infection and trauma!

In addition to its antibacterial properties, oxygen increases cellular energy, detoxifies, and reduces the effects of stress. By stimulating the oxygen consumption of cells, the skin will appear healthier, more balanced and revitalized. The PurAcne line contains GM Collin's breakthrough Oxygen Complex which inhibits and prevents growth of the propioni acne bacterium which is anaerobic and cannot live in the presence of oxygen. It is designed to control acne and prevent blocked pores while it also detoxifies and brightens the complexion.

We also offer a PurAcne Oxygen Clinical Treatment. This revolutionary facial is designed to decongest pores, control acne and revitalize the texture, tone and evenness of skin. After this five step treatment your skin will be luminous, moisturized and younger looking! But don't worry, we do all the work for you while you get to relax and enjoy the serenity of our spa.

To obtain maximum efficiency, one treatment per week is recommended for five consecutive weeks. Don't forget to follow up the Oxygen PurAcne line at home to ensure clear, radiant skin! Below is a testimonial from one of our newest clients that came to us with concerns about her skin. She was badly broken out, highly congested and very sore:
"After my first Facial, an Algomask treatment, my skin felt so much more hydrated & really soft. Tazeem also suggested I try a series of Oxygen treatments, which I have recently tried & have already seen a huge difference in my skin. I had a film on my skin, even after cleaning it, which never seemed to go away... I had tried different products high end brands and other expensive spa treatments and nothing worked. Everything I tried compounded my problems as my skin was over-exfoliated, over-dehydrated and painfully inflamed. We needed to soothe and rehydrate my skin first and now the oxygen facials are healing the root cause of my acne breakouts. I saw instant results after I left the spa and I continue to see the painful breakouts disappear and the oily film is now completely gone! Now I have finally experienced what clean skin feels like & I love it, my skin can breathe again! I feel so much better about myself & I love what I see when I look in the mirror! I have also been using the skincare products from GM Collin, that Tazeem recommended & I am loving them! Thank you Tazeem, you really are a miracle worker, you have given me back my beautiful skin and how I can keep it for good!"
-Cindy N Port Moody
Cindy is not the only one who has seen fantastic results, many of our clients swear by these Oxygen treatments. If you have tried everything and can't get your stubborn acne to go for good, GM Collin's PurActiv and PurAcne lines may just be the thing you need!


written by Paige Forgie

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts

It's common knowledge that green tea is good for you. A potent antioxidant, green tea can help with cardiovascular disease, cancer, cognitive abilities, dental cavities, kidney stones and more. It can also aide fat oxidation, insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. It is proven to reduce blood pressure, body fat and body weight.

The catch is that you have to drink quite a bit of tea (6-8 glasses!) to benefit from it's amazing healing properties. Luckily, Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts have arrived!

Just a single drop of Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts in your water bottle is equivalent to 15 cups of green tea! But it gets better...

Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts are free of:
- Caffeine
- Calories
- Artificial Sweeteners
- Sugar
- Alcohol
- Preservatives
- Even safe for Diabetics

This daily dose of prevention is available in a variety of flavours like Tropical, Raspberry, Tranquility, Blueberry & Pineapple Coconut. Why not stop by Skindulgence and get one step closer to a long, healthy life?

written by Paige Forgie

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Client Referral Campaign!

As our 20 year anniversary draws near we are thrilled to reach this milestone. We realize that without our fantastic clients we would not be here, so we decided to give our loyal visitors the chance to win a fabulous gift package for their referrals! We can't think of a better way to say thank you than to reward you. And who doesn't love spa gifts?

Come pick up our referral cards at the spa and give them out to all your friends. Alternatively, send us an email and we'll Have them come in for their first service* so they too can indulge in one of our luxurious treatments! Be sure they mention your name as the referral and their reward will be a set of 4 introductory certificates for their next visit.

For every friend you refer, your name will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 3 prizes: one $100 spa service gift certificate and two $50 spa service gift certificates! The more friends you refer the higher your chances are to win.

In addition to that, the client who refers the most people during this six week campaign will win a grand prize package worth over $600! The contest will end the weekend of our anniversary, November 20th 2009.

New clients - Don't be shy! You too can refer your friends and be entered to win the gift package just like the friend who referred you! The more friends you refer the better chance you have at winning so spread the love and get rewarded!