Thursday, January 13, 2011

Massage and the Cold Season

We often get asked if it's a good idea to get a massage when you have a cold. If it's just starting we recommend waiting because a massage will just intensify the cold, bringing it on fast and furious. However, if you're near the middle or end of a cold a massage can help alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing process. Whether you're in spa or at home, there are certain essentials oils that can help. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus are highly disinfecting and can also help with sinus and chest congestion (as does peppermint). Lavender is soothing and great before bed while rosemary can help get you up in the morning. Remember: never use essential oils directly on your skin. Instead, dilute it with massage oil or cream. In a bath tub, 5-10 drops of oil is more than enough to have benefits without causing skin irritation. Children should be kept away from essential oils.

Monday, January 10, 2011

To Peel or Not to Peel?

One of the reasons so many women look older than their age is because they don't exfoliate properly or regularly. Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are one of the most efficient ways to address numerous conditions of the skin including  the aging process (including fine lines and wrinkles), enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and pigmentation and scar tissue.. In spa clinical treatments are done once a week for four-six weeks (depending on the condition of the skin) this short protocol is a fantastic way to jumpstart your skin on its road to vitality. You will notice your skin will be softer, your pores will be refined and the color, texture and tone will improve. Your make up will go on smoother, your skin will be more responsive to treatment products and you will have an instant glow. While doing the clinical protocol clients need to be using an at-home AHA cream/gel. Daily sunscreen is recommended during treatment and suntan beds should be avoided.

Please advise your skincare professional if you are on medication -- topical or oral -- prior to getting treatments.

Friday, January 7, 2011

January Promotions

Our infamous January facial promotion is here and you won't want to miss it!

Book any clinical facial this month and receive a complimentary upgrade for a galvanic antiaging treatment for the face and neck that's valued at $79.

 The galvanic treatment helps to tone, contour and brighten skin... It's just the post-holiday pick-me-up you need and deserve!

Not valid with gift certificates or other promotions

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let The Detox Continue...

Are you feeling puffy or bloated? Do you want to slim down, tone up and feel better? At Skindulgence, we offer two fabulous services that can help you look and feel your best.

1) Universal Contour Wrap. This amazing treatment can help you shed 6" (or more!) instantly. Unlike other wraps that make you lose water weight, the clay solution the Universal Contour Wraps have been soaked in draw out toxins from the body. Guaranteed to last for 30 days or we'll do another wrap for free!*

2) Lipomassage. Want incredible results? After just one Lipomassage treatment your blood flow will increase by 400% and lymphatic drainage will increase by 300%. Talk about detox! On top of that, the treatment works to reduce cellulite, eradicate stored fat, contour loose skin and tighten your body.

Need anymore convincing? Well how about these January Promotions as incentive...

~ $89 Lipomassage treatments when you buy a package of 12 or more. (Regularly $160 each!)

~ When you pre-pay for 3 Universal Contour Wraps we'll give you a free express facial and $25 towards GliSODin Skin Nutrients

Let Skindulgence help you achieve the body and wellness you've always wanted... and deserve!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Did you Over-Indulge?

Christmas is a time of abundance... and it always come with a few extra pounds. A thorough detox is the best way to kick start your New Year. We recommend GliSODin's Advanced Detox Formula. This effective 2 week program eliminates toxins through the liver, digestive tract, skin, kidneys and lungs. It also helps clear skin while increasing vitamin and mineral absorption. It's gentle formula is safe for most people. GliSODin can help you achieve your New Years Resolutions... Give us a call or visit us in store for more details about this amazing product. Stay tuned for more detox tips and tricks!