Friday, February 26, 2010


Have you started developing crow's feet or worry about developing them in the future?

Did you know that the area around the eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on other parts of your body? Due to its thinness it can be very sensitive and prone to puffiness. Avoid at all costs face cream around the eyes; they will eventually irritate the eyes, create tiny whiteheads , make your eyes tear or create a superficial redness and can become itchy! So be gentle and baby your eyes, with lots of TLC, follow some of our suggestions for bright, healthy eyes.

1) Wear sunglasses when it's bright out to avoid squinting. In fact, avoid squinting at all costs, which may mean adjusting the prescription in your glasses, purchasing an anti-glare computer screen monitor and buying a wide-brimmed sun hat.

2) Be sure to drink plenty of water and cut back on the salt, alcohol and tobacco. All three increase water retention which means puffy under eyes, which means stretched out skin... Which will mean wrinkles, especially because the skin around the eyes is so thin and delicate.

3) Rather than applying sunscreen around your eyes, use a rich eye cream to nourish hydrate while minimizing fine lines. If you are sunning or swimming carefully apply a small amount of sunscreen on the outer edges of the eyes (but be careful as sunscreens can sting!)

4) Invest in a antiaging eye cream like GM Collin's Bota-Peptide Eye Contour Cream which will help wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, or if you are the preventative stage try GM Collin's Eye Contour Corrector or their NEW Organic Eye cream

5) Be gentle on the skin around your eyes. Never rub your eyes with your hands or tug on the skin when applying make up.

6) A couple of quick home remedies that offer great releif to tired, puffy eyes are chilled cucumber slices or chamomile tea bags. Place them over your eyes for at least 10 minutes and you'll notice instant reduction in bags and dullness. No one will know you've been partying till dawn!

written by Paige Forgie

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facial Cleansing

From an early age most of us have learned to wash our faces before going to bed. Cleansing the face is important for removing make up and daily grime from our skin to keep it looking it's best. However very few people realise the importance of exfoliating the skin.

While cleansing is important for removing surface build up, exfoliating goes deeper into the skin to remove black head, dead skin cells and flakey skin. It helps brighten the complexion and smooth skin. Its most crucial role is unblocking pores to allow any products you may use to deeply penetrate your skin for maximum results. Think about it: if you apply a serum or lotion on top of a layer of dead skin, sebum and clogged pores what sort of benefits are you getting from your product? Most of the products potency is lost when trying to delve through this barrier.

Have you ever had dry, flakey skin and tried to apply a foundation or concealer on top of it? If you have you'll know that the final look is nowhere near as polished as it could or should be. Exfoliating is key to removing this skin and getting that smooth canvas you need for a flawless finish.

At Skindulgence our favourite exfoliant is Exfozyme, a gentle but powerful exfoliant that has customers raving. Even after one application of Exfozyme your skin will feel smooth and supple. Exfozyme works well for all skin types, whether you're oily, dry, combination or acne prone.

Written by Paige Forgie

Monday, February 22, 2010

GM Collin's Vitamin C Serum

This time of year the common cold starts acting up and people reach for Vitamin C to jump start their return to health. But with GM Collin's Vitamin C Serum, this powerful antioxidant jump starts your return to supple, healthy skin. It is a fabulous antioxidant treatment and visibly reduces the signs of aging. It also helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and protects the skin from the negative effects o free radicals. This intensive four week formula is alcohol-free.

Our March promotions are coming up soon so keep an eye out to see how you can get GM Collin's Vitamin C Serum FREE!

Written by Paige Forgie

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Product Alert

The newest "it" product these days are eyelash growth treatments. There are many on the market but plenty of them are cheap knock-offs of the real deals. Skindulgence is proud to carry Revitalash!

Revitalash was developed by Dr. Brinkenhoff whose wife was fighting breast cancer. Because of chemotherapy her eyelashes were brittle and sparse. He formulated Revitalash to help her regain her long, full lashes. Now Revitalash is available worldwide, for anyone with short, thin lashes.

All it takes is one thin application of Revitalash along the lash lines and in as little as a two weeks you will see your eyelashes growing longer and thicker. Countless people have seen incredible changes in their eyelashes and you can too!
We will be getting Revitalash in very soon so stay posted!
You can learn more about Dr. Michael Brinkoff and Revitalash here.

Written by Paige Forgie

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pesky Reminder!

Remember those New Year's Resolutions you made a month and a half ago? You know, the promise to yourself to eat healthier, work out more, stress less and live life to the fullest. How are those goals going for you?

If you've strayed from the vegetables, the gym, the meditation and the explorations it is time to get back on track! You can check out our Tips to Keeping your Resolutions post here to refresh your memory.

My goals were to hit the gym and to stop procrastinating. Admittedly, it took awhile for me to get back into my Lululemons but I took my own advice and signed up for some step classes as well as cardio kickboxing. My body is constantly sore, but in a good way. I've already lost four pounds and gained noticeable muscle definition. Procrastinating, on the other hand, is still a work in progress. I bought myself a day planner and have my entire work, school and social life planned out and that has kept me from waking up realizing that I forgot to write a 12 page essay. Sure, now I'm writing papers at one in the morning, but at least they're getting completed beforehand, right? It's all about baby steps!

At Skindulgence we believe in perseverance. Maybe you slacked on your work out or have been overworking yourself. Don't get down, just remotivate yourself and get back on track.

Written by Paige Forgie

Monday, February 15, 2010

GM Collin's Lip Plumping Complex

GM Collin's Lip Plumping Complex is a deliciously scented, silky formula with collagen microspheres and hyaluronic acid that offer healthy-looking, supple and visibly replumped lips. It helps maintain an optimal level of hydration, for fuller more sensual-looking lips. Unlike other lip plumper, there is no stinging or burning. At the most there may be a slight warming sensation. Apply to clean dry lips and wait 5 minutes before applying lip colour. To fill in wrinkles around mouth, apply around the lip area at night. For ideal results use a minimum of three times a day.

*information provided by GM Collin's Website

Friday, February 12, 2010

Taz Meets the Indian Olympic Team

Skindulgence's spa director and head esthetician had the privilege of attending a cocktail dinner to celebrate the arrival of the Indian Olympic team. The team is comprised of three competitors: Shiva Keshavan a three-time Olympian luger, Jamyang Namgial, an alpine skier and Tashi Lundup, a cross country skier.

The intimate event of sixty guests was sponsored by RJ 1200 am radio and hosted by Shushma Datt, the local Indo-Canadian celebrity of Rim Jhim the radio show.

Tazeem and her family had the honor of meeting with many prominent Indo-Canadians as well as the Indian Winter Olympic's Team.

RJ 1200 is the official sponsors of the team and we hope they do their country proud. Good luck to the Shiva, Jamyang and Tashi and congratulations on making it this far!

Written by Paige Forgie

Go Canada Go!

The Olympic torch came through our very own Newport Village on Thursday, February 11th!

We can't believe the Olympic Games are finally here! Downtown is sure to be hopping with plenty of free events for all to attend. Whether you're a tourist or a Vancouverite, we hope you have a safe and happy Olympics.

Written by Paige Forgie

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Insider Tips to Beautiful Lips

Hopefully you read our post on how to achieve healthy lips. Now that your lips are smooth and supple here are some insider tips on getting perfect lips to complete your flawless make up look:

1) Always apply a lip balm before starting your make up so it has time to sink in. Leave your lips for last

2) Remove excess lip balm but do not rub it off completely, it will help make lipstick and glosses last longer and keep your lips from drying out and flaking.

3) When doing a bold lip (reds, plums or bright pinks) line your lips with a coordinating lip liner to prevent the color from bleeding. Fill your lips in with the liner. This will not only bring depth to your lip color but longevity (even if some of your lipstick rubs off the pencil will show through). This will also keep the lipstick from wearing off and leaving a ring of lip liner around your mouth. Ew!

4) Apply a touch of shimmery white or champagne colored eyeshadow just above your cupid's bow (the arch in the upper lip). This will make your lips appear fuller and more youthful.

5) After applying any dark or bright colors use a flat small brush to apply concealer around the outside of your mouth for a crisp finish. Set concealer with powder for staying power!

We hope these quick tips will help you get the perfect pout for any occasion.

Written by Paige Forgie

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fast Facts: Healthy Lips

While most of us don't have lips like Angelina Jolie it is easy to achieve the look of healthier, fuller lips without injections.

~ It's important to get rid of dead skin on the lips but because the skin on our lips is so thin -- that's why our mouths are pink, it's the blood showing through -- it's crucial that you use a light touch. A warm wash cloth or a dampened baby toothbrush rubbed gently on the lips in a circular motion will take off the majority of dead, chapped skin without irritating it further. Doing this every day or every other day will help keep your lips plump, pigmented and smooth.

~ At night apply a heavy-duty lip balm. In the morning before getting ready (but after washing your face!) apply the same lip balm. Once you're done getting dressed, having breakfast, etc. gently remove the excess lip balm and apply your favourite lipstick or lip gloss. The thin layer of balm will protect your lips, keep your lipstick from cracking and make any products applied on top last longer.

~ There are many lip-plumping products on the market but many of them sting or burn. GM Collin's Plumping Lip Complex has a very mildly tingling sensation (if that!) and comes in either clear or rose. It looks beautiful on it's own or adds shine to your favourite lipstick. See the post below on how you can get the GM Collin Lip Plumping Complex for FREE!

Get smooth, kissable, fuller lips for Valentines Day!

Written by Paige Forgie

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fast Facts: Bikini Waxing

At Skindulgence we offer waxing for most parts of the body. Over the years we've found that there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to waxing the bikini line. We are here to clear things up!

There are three major types of bikini line waxes:

1) The "Regular" Bikini Wax - This is when any hair outside of the "normal" underwear line is removed for a clean finish.

2) The "French" Bikini Wax - French-Cut underwear often is cut in closer and lower down and so the French Bikini Wax removes more hair from above and further in from the sides of the underwear.

3) The "Brazilian" Bikini Wax - Two options: leave a "landing strip" of hair or get rid of it all! Not for the faint of heart.

We hope this has helped in decoding the various bikini wax options for you so you can book your next appointment like a pro. Stop in for yours today! (...Valentine's Day is coming up...)

written by: Paige Forgie

Give Your Partner A Big HINT HINT!

Valentines Packages For that Special Someone...

"Queen Bee"
- Hydrolifting Facial
- Express Pedicure
- Paraffin Treatment
- FREE Eyebrow Tidy
$193/Person ~2 Hours

"Chocolat Amour"
- 1/2 Hour Chocolate Blend Massage (Vanilla, Orange or Raspberry Blend)
- Customized Express Facial
- Hot Towel Wrap & Foot Massage
- FREE Couples Gift Package (Including Belgian Chocolate Body Paint!)
$320/Couple ~1 1/2 Hours

"Melt My Heart"
- 3/4 Hour Lava Shell Massage
- Customized Express Facial
- Lip & Eye Treatment
- FREE Eyebrow Tidy
$261/Person ~1 3/4 Hours

Surprise your loved one with a fabulous package that will be sure to make them yours!


*All packages availible until February 15th, 2010, not valid with gift certificates or other promotions, substitutions are not permitted*

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Promotions

"Lets Kiss and Make Up"
FREE GM Collins "Rose " Lip Plumping Complex
When you purchase any Serum and Moisturizer together
Value $39.98!

"Silver and Gold!"
FREE 20 Ceramides AND Sample of GliSODin Advanced Daily Formula
When you purchase any AGE Total Defense, H50 Cream or H50 Serum.
Value $35!


*All promotions valid February 2010 only, not valid with gift certificates or other promotions, while quantities last*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olympic Torch!

Exciting News! The Olympic torch will be coming through Newport Village on Thursday, February 11th at 7:10 am.

Be sure to stop by Newport to witness this historic event!

Written by Paige Forgie