Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! Skindulgence will be open from 10 -3 on New Years Eve! Don't forget to make your New Year's Resolutions and to stick with them. Whether it's spending more time with your family, hitting the gym or taking time out to relax, keep those goals on track by writing them down or telling them to someone!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011 from Skindulgence!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GliSODin Advanced Daily

Glisodin's Advanced Daily Formula rejuvenates and hydrates the skin to promote a natural glow. It's a nutrient-dense product that helps protect your skin from environment factors and works to diminish premature aging by providing antioxidant and restorative properties.

It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation that causes flaky dry skin and redness and maintains the structural integrity of the skin and collagen.

If you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or extremely dry skin GliSODin Advanced Daily will really help the overall quality of your skin.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Itchy, Flaky and Tight Skin?

Stepping up your night time moisturizer to something richer and more nourishing can make all the difference to have hydrated, glowing skin. The harsh coldness of the outdoors and the increased dryness indoors from heating systems work together to dry your skin out. Take care of your skin by applying a thicker moisturizer after cleansing and see the difference such a small change can make!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lock that Moisture In!

GM Collin's Ceramides are a fast, convenient way to lock in moisture and to protect against environmental stress. Each golden bead is filled with a dry oil complex that you apply after moisturizer. The oil absorbs within 30 seconds but your skin stays hydrated and protected. If your skin has been irritated or feeling the effects of winter Ceramides can help calm the irritation. They work for any skin type or condition! If you have oily skin, Ceramides can replace your moisturizer. Plus, the individual use capsules are perfect for traveling!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate!

The heaters are cranked, the fire is blazing and the air is getting drier inside our homes. If you've noticed your skin feeling tight and itchy or your skin absorbs moisturizer in an instant it's time to exfoliate. Exfoliating is the best way to slough off dead skin cells and to create an even surface for applying skincare products and make up. At home we recommend using an enzyme based exfoliant -- they are the most effective and the least reactive, especially compared to granular scrubs. We recommend using an enzyme based exfoliant 2-3 times a week. If you come into the spa we highly recommend getting a series of AHA treatments. AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. These treatments will remove all of the dead skin cells and leave your skin bright, rejuvenated and healthy.

Don't forget that the skin on your body needs love to! GM Collin's Body Exfoliation is a perfect choice. Prior to showering mix the body exfoliant with a small amount of water and rub into your skin in circular motions. Rinse off the emulsion in the shower to reveal silky smooth skin. Apply a moisturizing body lotion to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a Friendly Reminder...

You can see it in the grocery stores, the malls and in the streets -- the holiday season is here! With the holidays coming sugar sweets, salty meals and perhaps just a little bit too much liquor (we're not judging!). This is just a friendly remind to DRINK WATER! Not only will it keep you hydrated, slow down your alcohol consumption and help you pace your meals, it'll also keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Who wants dry, flaky skin at the dinner table?!

Don't forget: sodas, liquor (duh!) and caffeinated beverages don't count! Unsweetened fruit juices (in small amounts), herbal teas and of course, plain water, are all great ways to get your 8 glasses of H20.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Gift Certificates

There are people in our lives who deserve a great gift but can be particularly hard to buy for (like that coworker who helped you out on that team project, or that lovable second cousin). Instead of getting them a meaningless trinket get them the gift of relaxation -- a spa gift certificate! Check out the post below for our special holiday offers. Or, make your own Holiday Package by checking out our extensive list of spa services. If you're unsure what to get, you can always get a dollar amount instead! Don't forget, if you DO get a gift certificate for a service, they're more than welcome to use the dollar amount for any service of their choosing (excluding spa packages).

With Skindulgences convenient location in Newport Village you won't have to worry about battling the crowds at the mall -- our boutique shop is located in the heart of Port Moody, away from the hub bub of big shopping centers.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 2010 Holiday Packages

1) Spa-liday Escape
This decadent package includes a back exfoliation, express galvanic spa facial and a 30 minute massage. $231 (valued at $254)

2) Jingle Bell Rock
This soothing treatment starts off with an aroma-steam shower then a 30 minute hot rock massage, followed by a hydrating algomask facial. Finish off with an express pedicure and a $25 voucher for any skincare products you purchase that day! $258 (valued at $308).

3) Exhale and Rejuvenate
This relaxing spa experience includes an express galvanic spa facial, an anti-aging galvanic hand treatment, a mango exfoliation and a mango massage for the back and scalp. $335 (valued at $375).

4) Glowing Skin is In
This amazing spa package indulges you with an express facial, 30 minute body butter back massage, and an eye brow wax. $143 (valued at $160).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Promotions

1) Prepay for your January facial and…
 Receive a free GM Collin travel kit or Vitamin C Duo
  (Up to a $49.99 Value)*
2) Buy a $50 (or more) gift certificate…
And receive 10% off gift items in store that day!**

3) Book an express manicure-pedicure package..
And receive a free eyebrow wax ($19 value) as well a receive 10% off any nail polish or make-up you purchase that day!*

4) Purchase any GM Collin anti-aging…
Serum (Bota-Peptide, Phyto Stem Cell +, H50, and Visible lifting) and Anti-aging cream (H50, Phyto Stem Cell +, A.G.E, Visible Lifting, and Retinol Q10)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one? Look no further. Skindulgence's spa boutique has a wide selection of beautiful pashminas, fun nail polish, high quality make up and eye-catching jewelry. We also offer an array of "relaxation enhancers" like candles, soaps, lotion, lava shell massagers and much more. If you're still undecided, why not get them the gift of serenity and rejuvenation with a spa gift certificate? You can purchase them in store and online. Visit our website here for more details about online ordering.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank You Holiday Open House Attendees!

On Thursday, November 25th, our brave clients battled the blizzards to come join Skindulgence for a holiday get together. Together we enjoyed wine, cheese and free demos! All clients got discounts on their purchases and a goodies to take home. Thank you for making our Open House a success despite the piles of snow!! We have a lot of events year round but our November Open House always marks the beginning of the wonderful holiday season... We can't think of anyone we'd rather celebrate with than our loyal clients.

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Product Alert: Phyto Stem Cell

GM Collin has launched their brand new Phyto Stem Cell +. This revolutionary anti-aging skincare line is the product of 3 innovative sciences, 1 Nobel Prize winning medical discovery, 7 international patents and 5 years of research and development.

Phyto Stem Cell + uses plant stem cells for longer cell life and formation, Renovage for DNA repair and Orsirtine for cell longevity coupled with a synergistic peptide complex to promote cell vitality and to battle the signs of aging.

This line includes:
Phyto Stem Cell + Serum
Phyto Stem Cell + Cream (dry skin)
Phyto Stem Cell + Gel-Cream (normal to oil skin)
Phyto Stem Cell + Eye Contour Cream

To learn more about each product you can visit the GM Collin website. Skindulgence is very excited to have this product on hand! Get your Holiday Season started right by rejuvenating your skin.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crave Book In-Spa

Skindulgence was delighted to attend the Crave Vancouver 2010 launch party at the luxurious Canvas Lounge in Gastown. Nearly 400 women were in attendance and many got to experience the wonders of the Galvanic Spa treatment. We are happy to announce that Skindulgence is now carrying the newest edition of the Crave Vancouver book. They make a wonderful gift for a girlfriend or anyone who wants to know what's good in Vancouver!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Open House Reminder

Just a reminder to our fabulous clients that our annual Holiday Open House is this Thursday, November 25th. Doors open at 6pm until 9pm. Stop by for some wine and cheese, discounts and socializing!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Spike Award Winner!

Last night was the Spike Business Award gala event at the Port Moody City Hall. Skindulgence is very excited to announce that we won the title of Best Customer Service. We'd like to thank all of our loyal clients for voting and supporting us! We are honoured to be given the title and will continue to excel in serving our clients right!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tips to Every Day Calm - Holiday Edition

Holidays are a stressful season for everyone. Make your life a little easier by getting a head start on the holiday mayhem so you can spend your time doing what you want: getting together with loved ones for some quality time.

1) Write a list (then check it twice). Make a list of everyone you'll be buying gifts. Include what you're going to get them and how much you think you're going to spend. This will help you stay on track with your budget and keep you focused.

2) Get up early. Nothing makes holiday shopping a pain like having to battle the crowds. By getting to the mall when the stores open you get first dibs on all the stock (which has yet to be jumbled into a huge mess by crazy shoppers) plus the crowds have yet to flood the shops.This also means not leaving your shopping to the last minute! We're only half way through November but Christmas truly does have a way of sneaking up on you!

3) Get a map. Avoid shopping in malls or areas you're unfamiliar with. Losing your car or finding yourself in strange territory is a fast way to get cranky. Plan to visit stores you know so you can get in and out in as short a time as possible.

4) Bargain shop. Around the holidays stores often come out with promotions or gift sets. 2 for 1 sales are a great way to stock up on gift items for people you know less intimately like coworkers but still want to buy for.

5) Take time out. Put up your feet, grab a book and sip some hot chocolate. Having a bit of "me time" can keep you relaxed and actually help energize you so that you work at an optimum level the rest of the time. You could even come visit us at the spa for a relaxing facial or a cozy hot stone massage...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spike Award Night

Skindulgence has been nominated in the Customer Service category of the 2010 Spike Awards. We are honoured to be among the elite group of local Port Moody businesses up for the title this year. On November 18th, the City of Port Moody will be announcing the winners of the Spike Awards at a special gala event at Port Moody City Hall. We're very excited to be in attendance and hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday Open House 2010

When: November 25 2010 From 6pm-9pm
Where: Skindulgence Spa
254A Newport Drive in Newport Village Port Moody
What: A night of cheese and wine, socializing, amazing in store specials, complimentary skin care demos, and we will be open to answer any of your skin and body care questions.
Bring: New unwrapped toys or non-perishables for the share society and you will be entered in a special door prize draw.

So bring your friends and get started on your early Christmas shopping or treat yourself because the holiday open house marks the first day of out special Spa Tree where you can receive a gift on you next visit, service discounts, or add-ons when you come for a treatment. This has always been a crowd pleaser and this year we have more amazing things to give away.

RSVP to the spa at 604.469.2688

Thursday, November 11, 2010

AgeLOC Vitality FAQ

Q: What is AgeLOC Vitality?
A: Vitality is a dietary supplement that improves physical vigor, mental acuity and sexual desire.

Q: How does it work?
A: Promotes healthy Youth Gene Clusters (YGC) and raises and sustains baseline energy levels

Q: Who should take Vitality?
A: Women and men over 18 years of age who have experienced exhaustion, loss of vitality or the inability to engage fully in life. Perfect those who want to reset, recharge and revive their life!

Q: How long does it take to work?
A: Because Vitality is designed to increase baseline energy levels gradually and sustainably (unlike energy drinks or caffeine) it is important to take the supplements consistently. When taken as directed, most people notice benefits in two to four weeks.

Q: What exactly happens when I take it?
A: You'll notice increased stamina and physical capabilities, mental acuity and increased sex drive.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Custom Blend Foundation

If you're anything like me you've probably had a difficult time matching your foundation to your skin tone and type. Often the color is too warm or too cold (i.e. too pink or too yellow) and the consistency doesn't offer enough coverage or too much. And isn't it Murphy's Law that when you do find your perfect match the company discontinues it or the store is sold out? Finding the right foundation doesn't have to be a chore!

At Skindulgence we recognize that everyone's skin is different. We offer custom blend foundation that is matched perfectly to your skin. The best part is that we're never sold out and we can whip you up a bottle whenever you need it. We will customize the formula to match your skin's texture and pigmentation for flawless even coverage.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Skindulgence and find your perfect match!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Spike Customer Service Nomination

We are so excited to be nominated for the 2010 Spike Awards in the customer service category! Thank you to all that voted -- we greatly appreciate your support and are honoured to be considered one of the top customer service providers in Port Moody!

We will find out on November 18th at a gala event held at Port Moody City Hall. If you would like to attend and show your support contact Sandra Baron at 604.469.4521 or by email at

Monday, November 1, 2010

Crave Vancouver

Crave Vancouver is "the ultimate guide to the places women CRAVE in Vancouver". Our very own Spa Director, Tazeem Jamal, was featured in this fabulous book and is honoured to be included in their upcoming edition launching this November! The launch party is being held on November 16th at the beautiful CANVAS lounge!

We are so excited to be attending the event. Visit the Crave Vancouver Facebook page to read up about the new edition and to see how you can score tickets.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Galvanic Anti Aging Party

Last Thursday Skindulgence hosted a fabulous AgeLOC Galvanic Party. We had an amazing time seeing old and new faces and getting our fantastic clients together to celebrate and explore this incredible product. All guests received a complimentary half-face demo of the Galvanic Spa system... The results were amazing! You could literally see the difference in their faces -- the skin was more contoured and lifted around the cheekbones, jaws and eyes! After only one session!

If you're interested in having your own half-face demo give the spa a call to arrange an appointment as 604.469.2688.

Don't forget that you can add it on to your facial!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Is it Safe or Beneficial to Make my Own Skincare Products?

In a nutshell …Not really. It can seem like a good idea to whip up your own face mask, exfoliant or moisturizer but in reality you're doing yourself a disservice. When you use raw foods from the grocery store there is often cross contamination or bacteria that you wouldn’t want to have as part of your homemade product. You are also using an entire raw food instead of just the beneficial ingredients. For example, many fruits have wonderful properties (like strawberries) but the beneficial ingredients are in such a low amount in an individual berry that you’re not really receiving any of the rejuvenating effects. In professional-grade products, fruit extracts are a concentrated form of the active ingredient and they are combined with other ingredients to maximize the benefits. In short, it won’t kill you to rub some mushy berries on your face, but it’s probably not going to help you either. If you’re interested in using organic, paraben-free products, GM Collin’s Bio-Organique line is a perfect alternative to DIY concoctions.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tips to Every Day Calm

Everyone's job drives them a little crazy at times but if you find you're getting stressed out at work frequently then it's time to make some changes.

1) Get yourself organized! Nothing starts a day off on a bad note like running behind schedule in the morning. Take fifteen minutes before bed to think about what you have to do the next morning. Consider what clothes you might wear, what you'll pack for lunch and if there are any work-related items you need to bring. Mentally located them all in your head for a smoother morning.

2) Set your alarm to go off fifteen minutes before you have to get up. Not many people are able to leap out of bed in the morning and hitting the snooze 5 times will leave you rushing to catch up once you do get out of bed. By setting your alarm early you'll still get to hit snooze but you'll be able to get up when you're actually supposed to.

3) If you pack a lunch for work (and you should! It's healthier for you and cost effective) put it together the night before if possible and leave it in a spot you'll remember to bring it. Aim for a nutritious, filling meal.

4) Bring healthy snacks. A handful of nuts, some dried fruit and carrot sticks are easy to bring to work and will help keep that 3:00 hunger at bay.

5) Take short breaks. If you work at a computer or have to read a lot your eyes will get strained and cause headaches. Every half an hour take some deep breaths, close your eyes for a few seconds and stretch. Not only will your body thank you for the increased oxygen and tense-releasing exercise but you're head will be clearer leaving you in a better mental state to tackle tasks.

6) Time manage. As rudimentary as it might seem, writing out a task-completion chart is a great way to keep yourself on track and prioritize. With so many things buzzing through our heads each day it's easy to lose sight of your work. Write out all of your tasks and how much time should be devoted to each. It feels great to tick things off a to-do list!

By staying organized and calm you will find that your work days will become a lot less stressful and easier to manage.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Specialty: Age Management Facials

Keeping your skin looking young, vibrant and smooth doesn't have to be a chore. While at-home skincare is very important, you can maximize the benefits of your products by visiting the spa at least once a month.

Not only do facials relax you from head to toe but they actually improve your circulation. Facial massage is a very important part of facials because it stimulates the blood cells encouraging them to pump faster. Most people just slap on their moisturizer or facial cleanser but by gently and slowly rubbing in your products not only does your skin absorb the product better but it increases blood flow (which in turn increases cell regeneration!). At the spa every facial includes a facial, decolletage and arm massage.

We also use potent, result-oriented products that would not be suitable for the average person to be using at home... Do you really feel comfortable giving yourself an alphahydroxy acid treatment?! Probably not. But our trained professionals are more than happy to offer you clinical facials.

By having regular facials you also start to develop a "skin history". We are able to help you monitor your skin and keep on top of potential problem areas (wrinkles, redness, dryness, etc) before they become an issue. We offer a wide selection of clinical facials that can address all of your concerns.

Because we use the same brands (GM Collin and Yonka) for our facials and for our skincare line we can match your in-spa treatments to your at-home skincare regimen. You'll find that your skin repairs and rejuvenates much faster with this skincare plan because the products target the same areas.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Galvanic Spa!

Galvanic Technology has been used for decades in the spa industry but the in-spa machines were cumbersome to use; however, with the new hand held device the power of Galvanic is right at your fingertips
 to either enjoy as an add on to a treatment or you can buy the machine to use in the comfort of your own home!
The patented hand held device uses low level galvanic (electric) currents to transport key nutrients to the skin to dramatically smooth wrinkles and lift sagging skin. It also improves the process of cleansing the skin while increasing hydration, circulation and radiance. The galvanic only works with specially charged positive & negative ion products that were created to be used with the device.      We are proud to offer the Galvanic Spa Treatment to our clients. You can do it as an add-on to super charge the results of your treatment or buy the machine and use it at home for cumulative results! The Galvanic Spa Treatment does not replace facials or a daily skincare regimen, but was created tofurther enhance the penetration and effectiveness of your products and treatments by up to 70%!
     As an experiment Skindulgence's Spa Director, Tazeem, had half of her face treated with the Galvanic Spa Treatment and saw changes immediately: "I noticed a difference in the depth of my smile lines around my mouth! I also noticed the treated skin was much less oily. Bonus! I am really looking forward to using the machine at home!"     

     We are certain you will be thrilled with the results,try it today and see the amazing results for yourself!  We are quite stunned at the results we have seen so far.
Call us to book your appointment 604.469.2688

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Nail Trends

It's time to put away the hot pinks and bright blues of summer and dust off the autumn shades. China Glaze offers a wide variety of hues that will make your nails pop!

A slightly deeper, darker alternative to the classic cherry red is China Glaze's "Masai Red". This gorgeous polish is elegant on it's own... But swipe a layer of the red-glitter polish "Ruby Pumps" on top and you've got the perfect nails for a night out!

If red is just a bit too bold, try "Secrets" by China Glaze. This deep plum has red undertones and a soft shimmery finish. It'd look fantastic on darker skin tones but will look quite striking on fairer skin as well.

Nudes and neutrals are totally in this fall but they can be hard to pull off if they are pure beige hues. Instead opt for shades with a strong undertone like China Glaze's "Channelesque" that leans towards a purple-grey base. It's very modern!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Skindulgence would just like to take this time to thank our loyal clients. Over the past twenty years we have developed a lasting bond with all of you and we enjoy getting to know the wonderful women and men that come into Skindulgence for ultimate relaxation. You are the reason we are leaders in the innovative spa industry; we want to offer our clients the very best in spaah-ing! We look forward to another twenty years of giving you exactly what you want and need: an intimate full-service spa that caters to individuals who believe that relaxation and rejuvenation are key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Thank you,

Tazeem Jamal & Team Skindulgence

Friday, October 8, 2010

Anti-Aging S'party

We at Skindulgence love a good party and what better reason then to celebrate your skin! Come & get the latest Scoop on whats hot in antiaging now....
Who: You! We invite you to bring a friend
What: A fabulous anti-aging party featuring the AgeLOC Galvanic Spa Treatment and their brand-new AgeLOC Vitality supplements. Complimentary Skin Consultations
Where: At the Spa, of course!
When: Thursday, October 21st from 6PM-9PM
Why: To share our passion for innovative age management solutions with our fabulous clients.

We'll be doing demos with the Galvanic Spa so you can see just how amazing it is for yourself. Of course, there will be wine and cheese, door prizes, goodie bags, and in-store specials!
Tickets are only $10 each, Please pre-registerfor this event, and your $10 can be used as a credit the night of the event. We'll be sending out a separate email with more details about the event. Please give us a call at 604.469.2688 and we'll reserve you a spot space is limited!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Promotions

Our October Promotions begin the final quarter of this year which means we're gearing up for the holiday season! We have some excellent offers for you this month...

1. 25% off a 90-Minute Spa Escape!
45 minute body exfoliation and 45 minute customized Vitalift Facial for only $155! Reg $207

2. FREE GM Collin Eye Contour Corrector ($77 Value)
With the purchase of an anti-aging serum (Vit-C 4 pack, H50, Visible Lifting or Bota-Peptide Concentrate) and an anti-aging cream (H50, Visible Lifting, AGE or Retinol Advance)

GM Collin will donate $2 of this purchase to breast cancer research! Last year GM Collin raised $14,000 in a similar promotion

3. AgeLOC Galvanic Special Pricing!
As an add-on to a clinical facial...
$29 for face (Reg $59)
$45 for face and neck (Reg $79)
$59 for face, neck and back of hands (Reg $99)

Not valid with other promotions or gift certificates. While quantities last.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Factors that Age you Faster

The first step to staying young is prevention. People do harmful things to themselves that don't seem damaging at the time but often have long term effects. Below are the top factors that age you faster with some tips on how to manage them:

1) Smoking. You should quit. Do we even need to explain this? Besides the obvious (lung and mouth cancer not to mention emphysema!) it makes your hair brittle, your nails yellow, your skin smell and causes premature wrinkles. Gross! Make a pact with a friend, get the gum or the patch, throw out your cigarettes and force yourself to quit such a damaging habit.

2) Drinking. Who doesn't like relaxing at the end of a long work day with a glass of wine? Or two? Or three? Alcohol dehydrates the skin, causes lethargy, nasty hang overs and puffy eyes. It also takes a toll on your liver and other organs. Take it easy on the drinking and make sure you're drinking a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you have to keep your hydrated.

3) Poor diet. Eating junk food, skipping veggies or having an irregular eating schedule throws your body out of equilibrium. Eating a nutritious, balanced diet is probably one of the hardest things to do with the amount of convenience food and snack options available. If you're finding it difficult to get all your servings of fruits and veggies, investing in vitamins to supplement your diet is a good way to kick-start your road to balanced meals.

4) Being inactive. Nobody likes a couch potato! Exercise is great for boosting the metabolism, increasing energy levels, working off excess steam and sweating out toxins. Get a gym-buddy or join some classes.

5) Not detoxing or eliminating properly. Even those of us who eat relatively healthy and exercise build up toxins that can cause bloating, irritability, irregular bowel movements and fatigue... to name a few. GliSODin Skin Nutrients has an amazing Detoxification formula (laxative free!) that'll help you feeling great. Lipomassage and our new Universal Contour Wraps are also great ways to release toxins from the inside out!

6) Poor or non-existent skincare routine. Whether you're forgetting to cleanse your face or exfoliating too much, you're doing your skin a disservice. The delicate skin on your face must be taken care of properly to maintain elasticity, tone and radiance. Visiting your skincare professional is an easy way to find out how best to care for your unique skin -- at Skindulgence we offer complimentary skincare consultations!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Can I Use Body Lotion on my Face?

We know it’s tempting to rub your vanilla-coconut body lotion on your face… it just smells so darn good… but please refrain! As the name would suggest, body lotions are made for your body which is covered in skin that is much tougher than your thin, sensitive facial skin. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality facial moisturizer:
  • Any sort of perfume or scent in your lotion can sting the eyes or cause a skin reaction 
  • The ingredients are much too heavy for the face and are likely to clog pores (AKA non-comodogenic) and will make your face appear quite oily
  • They are not designed to treat or prevent any skin problems and are likely to make them worse
            Of course, in a pinch, a teeny-tiny bit of body lotion applied lightly to the dry areas isn’t going to permanently damage your skin but don’t be surprised if you wake up with a little “skin activity”! Think ahead and make sure you get a new facial moisturizer before your old one runs out and, if possible, keep a travel sized container of it in your purse.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can I Exfoliate Daily?

We at Skindulgence believe exfoliation is one of the most crucial steps in maintaining healthy skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells to reveal brighter, cleaner skin. It can help people with oily skin because it reduces sebum activity. It also reduces the barrier between your beneficial skincare products and the active skin cells. Once you get used to routine exfoliation it can become addictive but don’t go overboard!
      Daily exfoliation isn’t good for your skin. It takes a few days for skin
cells to die... by rubbing at your skin every day you’re actually irritating and removing fresh skin cells. It can also go beyond healthy sebum control… your skin can become quite tight and dry.
      In general, you should exfoliate 1 or 2 times a week. We recommend using an exfoliating face mask (like GM Collin's Exfozyme -- it's one of our top products!) instead of a harsh, granular scrub which can irritate your skin. Be sure to apply a nourishing lotion (and all other beneficial products) post-exfoliation to help hydrate and protect new skin cells.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Have Oily Skin... Do I Still Need Moisturizer?

Yes! Just because your skin produces excess sebum does not mean that you should skip moisturizing – you can still have dehydrated skin. There are many ways to tell when your skin is dehydrated: If your skin is dull, rough to touch, lacks elasticity and suppleness, feels taut or uncomfortable or is irritable and reactive you may be dehydrated. Often people stop using moisturizers the moment their skin shows any excess oil. If your skin is used to getting moisturized twice a day and you suddenly stop it will try and produce more oil to make up for the missing product. That’s when you start having the real issues! Now that you made that vital mistake, let’s work on getting your skin back on track (it must be exhausted from working so hard to make all that extra oil!). The first and most basic step is to drink more water. Second, find a moisturizer that is suitable for you. Your age, sensitivity to break outs, and other problems you have with your skin, will affect which skincare product is best for you. You’ll find that your skin will become softer and less oily.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This month's promotion includes 20 free GM Collin Ceramides when you purchase a GM Collin DUO Vitamin C Serum AND one of the following GM Collin moisturizers: Hydramucine Optimal Gel/Cream, AGE Total Defense, Collagen Gel or H50 Cream/Gel. We think it's a pretty cool promotion and so do a lot of our clients who have already swooped in on this amazing deal.

But for those of you who haven't yet discovered the miracle of Daily Ceramide Comfort let me enlighten you. Ceramides are practical, single dose dermo-corrective capsules that nourish and replenish natural skin lipids. In plain English, Ceramides not only provide you with incredible hydration, they also protect your skin from environmental factors. They also help to lock in any other products you put on your face so any serums or creams you used have a chance to deliver their full benefits. Sounds pretty great doesn't it? Now think about it in conjunction with our offer... You'll be getting the collagen stimulating and free radical protection from the Vitamin C, nourishment and wrinkle defense from your moisturizer and all over protection from the Ceramides. Your skin will be more secure than Fort Knox!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Universal Contour Wrap Client Referral Program

Come and experience this amazing wrap which will  detoxify, slim and energize you! This month try it for  $25 OFF in September! (Reg. $239 now $214!) Brag about it to all your friends and when they mention your name and come in to buy their own wraps - you get a bonus too! If they purchase a single wrap then you receive $25 CREDIT for your next wrap, and if they purchase any wrap package then you receive $60 CREDIT for your next wrap! Now that your friend has discovered the benefits of the Universal Contour Wrap, she can spread the good word and receive her own spa dollars too!

*Not valid with Gift Certificates or Other Promotions*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School

If you've got school-aged children you've probably gotten started on back-to-school shopping for your kids. Now they've got the latest school supplies, new clothing and are excited to go back to school after a fun, relaxing summer. Lucky them! Unfortunately, every mom knows that with the start of school comes busier, hectic days filled with rushed meals and extracurricular activities.

This fall, don't let your "summer state of mind" slip away with the first day of September. It's beneficial to you, your spouse and your kids to stay relaxed, healthy and pampered. Indulge yourself in a facial, massage or spa-tacular body wrap to keep yourself in top form. Nobody won the title of #1 Mom by having an aching back and being tired!

Don't forget that taking care of yourself isn't a once-a-year thing...You can do your part by following a simple but customized skincare routine at home! Our professional Estheticians would be thrilled to help you with some personalized advice...give us a call for a complimentary consultation & get exactly what your skin needs to keep it looking radiant. For more tips for smooth skin, keep reading!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Promotions

1. $25 OFF a single Universal Contour Wrap! ~Regularly $239
There hasn't been a better chance to try this fabulous body treatment that will melt inches off your body!

2. FREE 20 Ceramides from GM Collin!
When you purchase a GM Collin DUO Vitamin C Serum AND one of the following GM Collin moisturizers: Hydramucine Optimal Cream/Gel, AGE Total Defense, Collagen Gel or H50 Cream or Gel. ~Value $39.95

September Spa Dollars

Refer a friend to Skindulgence and you'll BOTH receive $30 Spa Dollars!
When you and a friend both visit Skindulgence during the month of September and have a clinical facial or any spa service minimum $129(pre-tax)
you will BOTH receive $15 OFF your next skincare purchase AND $15 OFF your next  spa service! (not including face waxing) All you have to do is refer a friend and make sure your friend mentions your name and you will BOTH receive the Spa Dollars!
Your Spa Dollars will be issued at the end of the month, we look forward to meeting all your friends & know we will take as good care of them as we do of you!

*All promos not valid with Gift Certificates or other promotions. While Quantities last.*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August is coming to a close...

Only one week left of August and we still have our hot summer promotions on:
  • Receive a FREE Citrus Shower Gel or a travel size Hydramucine Cream when you purchase $129* worth of GM Collin products
  • $10 off GliSODin Skin Nutrients
  • $10 credit toward any retail item**

**does not include skincare or make up products

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sizzling August Promotion

August is coming to a close but the relaxing days at the spa are not! Come and visit us before the crazy school semester starts and all thoughts of pampering go out the window!

We have our fabulous Lipomassage promotion on again:

Pre-pay for as many Lipomassage treatments as you like for only $99* a treatment!

*Not including taxes. Does not include one time fee of your personal Lipomassage bodysuit

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lips and Eyes: they want a little TLC!

When you think about skincare do you often forget your eyes and lips? Don't feel too bad -- a lot of people do! But it's time to start taking care of your peepers and your pout. Did you know that your mouth and eyes secrete almost no oil? That's why they get chapped and wrinkled. It's up to you to protect them every day to keep them supple and line-free.

Be sure to avoid squinting. That means wearing hats and sunglasses when it's hot out and making sure that you're contacts/glasses prescription are up to date. Apply a rejuvenating eye cream nightly to keep the skin hydrated. We recommend GM Collin's Bota Peptide Eye Contour Cream.

Keep dry, flaking lips at bay with hydrating lip products. If your lips do get dry avoiding licking them. The salt in your saliva will further dry out your mouth and then you'll have a real issue! For more perfect lips tips click here! To see what our pick for lusciously plump lips are click here.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Free GM Collin Hydramucine in July

Purchase $90 (pre tax) worth of GM Collin Body and Suncare and receive a free GM Collin Hydramucine Cream.

Check out our smooth skin post here and click here to read about our tips for healthy, radiant skin! You'll be glowing in no time with Skindulgence and GM Collin!

*While quantities last. Not applicable with gift certificates and other promotions*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Customized Express Facial in July

Get a free customized express facial while you enjoy your first single Universal Contour Wrap! While you lie back and relax allowing the unique clay formula to draw (guaranteed six!!) inches worth of toxins from your body we will give your face the attention it deserves.

We've had the Universal Contour Wrap for a few weeks now and our clients are loving it! All have seen dramatic inch reduction and keep coming back for more. We look forward to booking your own personal appointment!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tips to Every Day Calm: Getting Organized

Having an organized space can take away a ton of stress -- especially in the morning when so much needs to get done! Whether you have kids or not there is always a morning rush of trying to get bags packed, remembering what you have to bring, getting physically ready and getting out of the door on time. Having "a place for everything and everything in it's place" is a great way to de-stress your mornings (and nights!) for a more peaceful day.

1) Get rid of clutter. Kids grow out of toys, spam mail piles up and suddenly your house looks like it could be on an episode of Hoarders. Take a weekend (yes, a whole weekend) to get rid of junk. If you live with others, divide up the rooms to make this daunting task more manageable. Make piles of stuff to throw out, recycle, give away and keep.

2) Use common sense. Take an inventory of the stuff you've decided to keep. What do you use daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Keep that in mind when putting things into their new, organized homes. Keep daily needs accessible, like in easy-to-reach cupboards and drawers but make sure things like holiday decorations stay neat and together as well.

3) Get creative. Re-organizing doesn't have to mean buying new, expensive organizational tools. You can use household items such as glass jars to hold pens and pencils. Sometimes the best organizers are found at office supplies stores, dollar stores or craft supply stores.

4) Commit yourself. If you've decide that you will hang your keys on a hook everyday when you get home DO IT. It's believed that a habit takes 21 days to form. Make it a priority to keep things in their place. At the end of the day taking 10 minutes to make sure you know where you keys, phone, work items, wallet and everything else is will make your mornings run way smoother.

Keep yourself organized to keep yourself calm!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making the Most of Summer

When people think of summer they think of suntanning at the beach. This is a great way to get skin cancer and prematurely age your skin! Plus, long hours laying on the sand can dehydrate you, increase your chance for sun/heat stroke and make you lazy (there is a difference between being relaxed and being a sloth!). Instead of wasting hours damaging your body by roasting in the sun, why not get out and experience all Vancouver has to offer this summer?

With the lower mainland's diverse geography there are tons of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Why not challenge your self on one of Vancouver's great hiking trails, like Lynn Headwaters or the Chief? If you really want to work out give the Grouse Grind a try. If you live in Port Moody there's a great trail around Buntzen lake that's great for beginners

If hiking isn't your thing, go for a stroll through a park! Stanley Park is not only beautiful but has a fantastic aquarium. When's the last time you visited the shark tank? Pack a picnic and make a day of it. To increase activity, bring along a bocce ball set, croquet or frisbee. There are plenty of shaded areas to set up in to keep overheating and sunburns at bay.

These are just two fun ways to switch it up this summer and give your skin a rest. Don't forget that wearing sunscreen or sunblock is just as important on or off the beach. Reapply often and stay hydrated!

When you've given yourself a good work out, why not stop by the spa for a relaxing massage to ease those hardworking muscles?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What is SPF?

Understand the SPF coding & what the differences are. Did you know that using an SPF 30 blocks 97% of the damaging UV rays? Something interesting to note: SPF 50 or high only protects you 2% more! While it's always encouraged to use a higher SPF be sure to reapply just as frequently as if you were using a lower SPF.

A good thing to know is that conventional sunscreen has been shown to protect against UVB rays but the same can't be said about UVA. UVB rays are the ones that make your skin go red and burn but UVA rays are just as damaging; they can heighten the risk of melanoma which is the most fatal type of skin cancer. When buying a sunscreen, opt for one that has broad spectrum protection (it will most likely say that it protects against both UVA and UVB) and has zinc oxide, avobenzone and ecamsule. Sunscreen that boasts "all day protection" is a myth: reapplication is necessary even if you're not sweating or swimming (although if you're doing either of those reapply more frequently).
Scary fact: Did you know over 80,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year and over 1000 Canadians will die of skin cancer related conditions?
Click HERE for more sun-savvy tips to keeping your skin in top condition.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kiss Me Mascara

You'll seen in our July Promotions (in the post below) that we've got a great offer for you! If your mascara can't hold up to the test of summer -- that's the sweating, the swimming and the gloriously long days -- then you need Kiss Me Mascara.

Kiss Me Mascara is smudge-proof, flake-proof and water-proof. The original formula gives you perfect, natural looking lashes for a flawlessly defined eye. When you've got something a little more special planned like a hot date or a night on the town, Kiss Me Mascara's Ultra Volume Mascara is your best friend. You get the same long-lasting mascara but with added oomph for big, sexy lashes!

Most waterproof mascaras are a pain to get off even with the help of make up remover. All of the rubbing, hot water and tugging is bad for your eyes and your lashes. Kiss Me Mascara's formula is totally unique and easy to remove. Gently splash your eyes (with them shut, of course!) with plenty of warm water then very, very gentle glide your thumb and forefinger along your eyelashes. The mascara will slip off your lashes in little tubes leaving you with clean, make up-free lashes.

So stop painting your lashes... Tube them! With Kiss Me Mascara you'll get summer-proof results every time!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sizzling July Promotions

FREE Customized Express Facial ~ get a free express facial while you enjoy your first Universal Contour Wrap

FREE Travel-Size Hydramucine Cream ~ when you purchase $90* worth of GM Collin Body or Sun products

Oxygan Back Facial for only $99 ~ It'll help you bring your Sexy Back!

Buy the travel-size Kiss Me Mascara for $10 and we will give you $10 credit towards a full-size Kiss Me Mascara**

Don't miss out on these fabulous promotions. Book your appointment with us today! 604.469.2688

*Before tax
** Within 6 weeks of initial purchase
 While quantities last, one per client per visit, not valid with gift certificates or other promotions

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How To: Love your Legs

When the sun comes up and the temperature rises so do the hemlines... Pants become shorts and demure dresses are tossed to the side in favour of flirty skirts. But not all of us love our legs. Whether it's skin discoloration, dryness, razor burn, pale skin, sallow skin, or cellulite there are a number of reasons why we reach for stuffy stockings or sweat out the heat in covering clothing. With a few quick tips and a little confidence you can toss your tights and the ankle-length skirts and hop into the fun little summer dress you've been dying to wear!

1) Get rid of your baggage. Dead skin and prickly hairs can make legs look and feel rough. Exfoliation and hair removal are the fastest ways to get smooth skin -- plus you can kill two birds with one stone by waxing! The warm wax picks up dead skin cells as well as the hairs, revealing fresh, silky skin.

2) Saturate your stems. Hydrating lotions are your best friend. If you're blessed with naturally tanned skin a shimmering lotion can accentuate muscle definition. For the rest of us, an even application of sunless tanner (if you're very pale a gradual tanner is best) followed by shimmering lotion can keep legs looking sunkissed and radiant. By the way -- Tans can help hide any bruises, spider veins or skin discoloration! It can also help conceal cellulite.

4) Gear up your gams. If you're smooth, tanned and glowing but still feel a little insecure why not try a fun anklet? It will take the attention off your legs and can jazz up simple shoes.

Don't forget, the perfect accompaniment to lovely legs are foxy feet. A pedicure polishes off any look!

Friday, July 9, 2010

July Promotion

FREE Travel Size Hydramucine Cream!
When you purchase $90(pre-tax) worth of GM Collin Body or Sun Products.
Value $25!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

GliSODin Skin Nutrients Contest!

GliSODin Skin Nutrients Contest!

Send us a photo and a description (short paragraph... no one-liners!) of why you think you would be the best candidate for a full month of extensive treatments and home care products! There will be 2 winners for this fabulous contest! Winners will be required to release before and after pictures to the public as well as keep a public treatment log during your series of treatments. The Pigmentation Package is to be completed over a dedicated 2 month period and the Body Contouring Package is to be completed over about a 1 month period. Contest deadline is July 19th so don't delay to tell us why you deserve this ultimate makeover courtesy of GliSODin Skin Nutrients, Spas of America, GM Collin (Phytoderm), Body Beautiful Canada and Skindulgence Spa!

One client who is looking to even out their skin tone and adjusting pigmentation will win the fabulous Pigmentation Prize.  Package Includes:
2 GliSODin Skin Nutrients Skin Brightening Formula (Value $172)
4 GM Collin Vitamin Sea C Spa Clinical Facial Treatments (Value $568)
4 GM Collin Vials of Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum (Value $93)
1 GM Collin PhytoWhite 3 piece Brightening System (Value $146)
1 GM Collin Discovery Kit suitable for your skin (Value $45)
Total Value $1024!

One client who is looking to detox, contour and lose a few inches of their body will receive the wonderful Body Contouring Prize. Package Includes:
2 GliSODin Skin Nutrients Advanced Detox Formula (Value $258)
3 Universal Contour Body Wrap Treatments (Value $600)
1 Universal Contour Body Wrap Home Care Kit (Value $160)
1GM Collin Body Exfoliating Gel (Value $35)
1 GM Collin Body Hydrating Cream (Value $48)
1GM Collin LipoFitness Serum (Value $62)
Total Value $1163!

Thanks to our Sponsors...

Body Beautiful Canada

Universal Contour Wrap

GliSODin Skin Nutrients

Nutricosmetic Supplements

Spas of America


GM Collin Products

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Product: GM Collin's Mineral Sunveil in SPF 15

Wanting that lightly tanned look without the inevitable skin damage? GM Collin has finally come out with a new product just for you! With SPF 15 (perfect for daily urban protection) and a touch of smart colour technology, you too can have glowing skin and your skin will love you for it. With Zinc Oxide, 100% natural Pigment, and Iron Oxide, Tinted Mineral Sun Veil is a perfect daily alternative to foundation that blends with every skin tone for a natural year-round healthy glow! Take advantage of our product promotion and see how you can get your bottle for FREE!
The days of orange self tanners are over! For tanning your body we at Skindulgence carry a GM Collins Self Tanning without Sun Cream and a Yonka Self Tanner to keep you away from those harmful sun rays! To help you hold on to that hard earned tan Yonka also has a Tan Prolonger Cream!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July Store Hours

Sunday : CLOSED
Monday: 12-4
Tuesday: 10-7
Wednesday: 10-7
Thursday: 10-8
Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 9:30-6

Friday, June 25, 2010

June's Almost Over...

Five more days of June left which means our awesome promotions are coming to an end. We're thrilled that you ladies have been loving the Practically Free Facial!

The Practically Free Facial Includes:
-A customized Express Facial and Eye treatment
- Free eyebrow wax
-$25 credit for skincare products bought that day
-$20 credit for your next facial booked within the next month
You pay $109. . . With all of the complimentary certificates and eyebrow wax your facial is only $45! That's almost 60% OFF!

Don't forget about our Beauty Through Balance Hydrating Body Wrap for only $93 (reg $125) and our 15% off Customer Blend Foundation!

Click HERE to get the details about all of our other June promotions!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

July Long Weekend Surprise!

After the July long weekend we'll be getting in the fabulous Universal Contour Wrap by Body Beautiful Canada so book your appointments now! With this treatment you're guaranteed to lose 6 inches (or more) off your body with just one treatment and it will stay off for at least 30 days! Remember: you're not losing water weight -- it's your body detoxing!

Our very own spa director, Tazeem Jamal, got to experience this incredible treatment first hand. "I feel fantastic," Taz exclaimed, "it's been a week and my body looks and feels amazing. The TWELVE inches I lost have stayed off. I'm even wearing pants that I haven't been able to fit into for three years!"

We're offering introductory pricing for the Universal Contour Wrap at $225 per session or $599 for three sessions... That's a savings of $76! This is the perfect way to jump start your bikini body for the summer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Universal Body Contour Wrap

A few days ago we posted about the amazing Universal Contour Body Wrap by Body Beautiful Canada. We are so excited to be getting it in and sharing it with you. Let us tell you a bit more about it!

- You are guaranteed to lose 6 inches in just 2 hours! Seriously! And better yet, the inches are guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days. Seriously.

- The unique clay formula and special bandages not only tighten and tone but also exfoliate and cleanse

- The inches lost isn't water weight -- In fact, you're encouraged to drink plenty of water beforehand to increase the detoxification effects

- The rich clay formula has amazing detox effects while the minerals are absorbed into your skin

Sun Hats are In, Crow's Feet are Out

This is just a friendly reminder from Skindulgence Spa to load up on sun screen now that the sun has started to come out! Click here to see more sun care tips! Don't forget: a big sun hat, like Samantha's from Sex and the City (have you seen the new movie?) is not only fashionable but can protect you from those harmful UVA and UVB rays that also cause unsightly crow's feet! That's how she stays so young!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Body Wrap at Skindulgence Spa!

Skindulgence Spa is proud to present the Universal Contour Body Wrap! Our very own Spa Director, Tazeem Jamal, had the honour of trying this fabulous body wrap that shrinks inches off your body! We will be bringing this treatment in at the beginning of July so we'll keep you posted in the next couple of days and give you details about the treatment!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facials the Skindulgence Way

To a lot of people facials seem intimidating but getting regular facials can turn you skin around... And they don't have to be scary! At Skindulgence we're a full service spa but we specialize in facials. We have exactly what you need to give you the complexion you've always dreamed of.

When coming in for a facial at Skindulgence the choices can be overwhelming. While some spas may offer 2 or 3 different treatments we have over 20 facials for you to pick from. The options are not mean to confuse you; we have such a range of facials to ensure that there is something for everyone, no matter their skin type.

When booking a facial appointment you have two options: if you have reviewed our list of facials and know which one you want we can schedule you in for that, or we can book you the time slot and then assess your skin when you come in. Our skincare experts will be able to determine which facial will be ideal for your skin and will take the guess work out of the treatment.

Facials are generally an hour and a half long. During your time with us you'll begin with the consultation, a deep exfoliation and at least one nourishing serum for the skin. It also includes a massage that encompasses the face, neck, upper arms and shoulders. An eyebrow tidy is included but a full wax may be added on for $12.

Our most popular facials include:
~Vitalift ($109) - oxygenates and protects against free radicals
~Botinol ($172) - a non-invasive anti-aging procedure that uses Retinol, zinc, copper peptides and myo-relaxing Argeline (which has a botox-like effect) to revitalize
~Algomask ($129) - a cooling seaweed therapy treatment that intensely hydrates, nourishes and calms
~Hydrolifting ($138) - cleansing, deep hydration, regenerating and intense lifting... All in one treatment!

Monday, June 7, 2010

GM Collin's Mineral Sunveil in SPF 15

Wanting that lightly tanned look without the inevitable skin damage? GM Collin has finally come out with a new product just for you! With SPF 15 (perfect for daily urban protection) and a touch of smart colour technology, you too can have glowing skin and your skin will love you for it. With Zinc Oxide, 100% natural Pigment, and Iron Oxide, Tinted Mineral Sun Veil is a perfect daily alternative to foundation that blends with every skin tone for a natural year-round healthy glow! Take advantage of our product promotion and see how you can get your bottle for FREE!
The days of orange self tanners are over! For tanning your body we at Skindulgence carry a GM Collins Self Tanning without Sun Cream and a Yonka Self Tanner to keep you away from those harmful sun rays! To help you hold on to that hard earned tan Yonka also has a Tan Prolonger Cream!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Promotions

Practically Free Facial ($109):
-Customized Express Facial with eye treatment
- FREE eyebrow wax
- $25 credit for skincare products (same day purchase)
- $20 credit for your next facial booked within the next month
After the bonus spa certificates and complimentary eyebrow wax your treatment will only end up costing you $45! Almost 60% Savings

15% off Custom Blend Foundation (initial bottle):

Always wanted to get a foundation that matched your skin tone and type perfectly? With mineral makeup foundation you get just that - plus SPF! Come in for your first time consultation and receive 15% off your first bottle. Bring in your empty, clean bottle when it's time for a refill for even more savings! You'll never have to worry about finding your shade again.
Consult $30, initial bottle $45.05 (Regularly $53)

Beauty Through Balance Hydrating Body Wrap ($93):
Lose the itchy winter scales and get smooth, supple skin you deserve with our exfoliating and hydrating body treatment from Beauty Through Balance.
Over 25% off!

Free 50mL GM Collin SPF 15 Mineral Sunveil:

Purchase $129 worth of GM Collin products and receive a FREE travel size Mineral Sunveil -It's perfect for that summer getaway!
$23 value!

10% - 15% off Crush Mineral Makeup:

Choose from our wide selection of mineral make up products made just for Skindulgence... Purchase any one item and receive 10% off, purchase two or more and receive 15% off!

Valid in June 2010. Not valid with gift certificates or other promotions. While quantities last.