Friday, June 25, 2010

June's Almost Over...

Five more days of June left which means our awesome promotions are coming to an end. We're thrilled that you ladies have been loving the Practically Free Facial!

The Practically Free Facial Includes:
-A customized Express Facial and Eye treatment
- Free eyebrow wax
-$25 credit for skincare products bought that day
-$20 credit for your next facial booked within the next month
You pay $109. . . With all of the complimentary certificates and eyebrow wax your facial is only $45! That's almost 60% OFF!

Don't forget about our Beauty Through Balance Hydrating Body Wrap for only $93 (reg $125) and our 15% off Customer Blend Foundation!

Click HERE to get the details about all of our other June promotions!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

July Long Weekend Surprise!

After the July long weekend we'll be getting in the fabulous Universal Contour Wrap by Body Beautiful Canada so book your appointments now! With this treatment you're guaranteed to lose 6 inches (or more) off your body with just one treatment and it will stay off for at least 30 days! Remember: you're not losing water weight -- it's your body detoxing!

Our very own spa director, Tazeem Jamal, got to experience this incredible treatment first hand. "I feel fantastic," Taz exclaimed, "it's been a week and my body looks and feels amazing. The TWELVE inches I lost have stayed off. I'm even wearing pants that I haven't been able to fit into for three years!"

We're offering introductory pricing for the Universal Contour Wrap at $225 per session or $599 for three sessions... That's a savings of $76! This is the perfect way to jump start your bikini body for the summer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Universal Body Contour Wrap

A few days ago we posted about the amazing Universal Contour Body Wrap by Body Beautiful Canada. We are so excited to be getting it in and sharing it with you. Let us tell you a bit more about it!

- You are guaranteed to lose 6 inches in just 2 hours! Seriously! And better yet, the inches are guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days. Seriously.

- The unique clay formula and special bandages not only tighten and tone but also exfoliate and cleanse

- The inches lost isn't water weight -- In fact, you're encouraged to drink plenty of water beforehand to increase the detoxification effects

- The rich clay formula has amazing detox effects while the minerals are absorbed into your skin

Sun Hats are In, Crow's Feet are Out

This is just a friendly reminder from Skindulgence Spa to load up on sun screen now that the sun has started to come out! Click here to see more sun care tips! Don't forget: a big sun hat, like Samantha's from Sex and the City (have you seen the new movie?) is not only fashionable but can protect you from those harmful UVA and UVB rays that also cause unsightly crow's feet! That's how she stays so young!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Body Wrap at Skindulgence Spa!

Skindulgence Spa is proud to present the Universal Contour Body Wrap! Our very own Spa Director, Tazeem Jamal, had the honour of trying this fabulous body wrap that shrinks inches off your body! We will be bringing this treatment in at the beginning of July so we'll keep you posted in the next couple of days and give you details about the treatment!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facials the Skindulgence Way

To a lot of people facials seem intimidating but getting regular facials can turn you skin around... And they don't have to be scary! At Skindulgence we're a full service spa but we specialize in facials. We have exactly what you need to give you the complexion you've always dreamed of.

When coming in for a facial at Skindulgence the choices can be overwhelming. While some spas may offer 2 or 3 different treatments we have over 20 facials for you to pick from. The options are not mean to confuse you; we have such a range of facials to ensure that there is something for everyone, no matter their skin type.

When booking a facial appointment you have two options: if you have reviewed our list of facials and know which one you want we can schedule you in for that, or we can book you the time slot and then assess your skin when you come in. Our skincare experts will be able to determine which facial will be ideal for your skin and will take the guess work out of the treatment.

Facials are generally an hour and a half long. During your time with us you'll begin with the consultation, a deep exfoliation and at least one nourishing serum for the skin. It also includes a massage that encompasses the face, neck, upper arms and shoulders. An eyebrow tidy is included but a full wax may be added on for $12.

Our most popular facials include:
~Vitalift ($109) - oxygenates and protects against free radicals
~Botinol ($172) - a non-invasive anti-aging procedure that uses Retinol, zinc, copper peptides and myo-relaxing Argeline (which has a botox-like effect) to revitalize
~Algomask ($129) - a cooling seaweed therapy treatment that intensely hydrates, nourishes and calms
~Hydrolifting ($138) - cleansing, deep hydration, regenerating and intense lifting... All in one treatment!

Monday, June 7, 2010

GM Collin's Mineral Sunveil in SPF 15

Wanting that lightly tanned look without the inevitable skin damage? GM Collin has finally come out with a new product just for you! With SPF 15 (perfect for daily urban protection) and a touch of smart colour technology, you too can have glowing skin and your skin will love you for it. With Zinc Oxide, 100% natural Pigment, and Iron Oxide, Tinted Mineral Sun Veil is a perfect daily alternative to foundation that blends with every skin tone for a natural year-round healthy glow! Take advantage of our product promotion and see how you can get your bottle for FREE!
The days of orange self tanners are over! For tanning your body we at Skindulgence carry a GM Collins Self Tanning without Sun Cream and a Yonka Self Tanner to keep you away from those harmful sun rays! To help you hold on to that hard earned tan Yonka also has a Tan Prolonger Cream!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Promotions

Practically Free Facial ($109):
-Customized Express Facial with eye treatment
- FREE eyebrow wax
- $25 credit for skincare products (same day purchase)
- $20 credit for your next facial booked within the next month
After the bonus spa certificates and complimentary eyebrow wax your treatment will only end up costing you $45! Almost 60% Savings

15% off Custom Blend Foundation (initial bottle):

Always wanted to get a foundation that matched your skin tone and type perfectly? With mineral makeup foundation you get just that - plus SPF! Come in for your first time consultation and receive 15% off your first bottle. Bring in your empty, clean bottle when it's time for a refill for even more savings! You'll never have to worry about finding your shade again.
Consult $30, initial bottle $45.05 (Regularly $53)

Beauty Through Balance Hydrating Body Wrap ($93):
Lose the itchy winter scales and get smooth, supple skin you deserve with our exfoliating and hydrating body treatment from Beauty Through Balance.
Over 25% off!

Free 50mL GM Collin SPF 15 Mineral Sunveil:

Purchase $129 worth of GM Collin products and receive a FREE travel size Mineral Sunveil -It's perfect for that summer getaway!
$23 value!

10% - 15% off Crush Mineral Makeup:

Choose from our wide selection of mineral make up products made just for Skindulgence... Purchase any one item and receive 10% off, purchase two or more and receive 15% off!

Valid in June 2010. Not valid with gift certificates or other promotions. While quantities last.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GM Collin's Homme

More and more men are realizing that a good skin regimen isn't just for women. That's why GM Collin created Homme -- it's a skincare line for men that addresses all of their needs. Now your man won't be stealing your products any more!

The Purifying Cleansing Gel is an oil, alcohol and soap-free water based cleanser for all skin types. The Shaving Gel is an incredible soothing and moisturizing gel that creates a rich lather for a close shave. The Nanoemulsion 10 Lotion is a spray on after shave lotion that contains ceramides for hydration and calms the skin. The Hydrating Gel is good for normal-oily or sensitive skin and the Hydrating Cream is great for nourishing normal-dry or sensitive skin.

Help him get his skin in shape... GM Collin is just what he needs.